Structured cabling system (SCS) is a whole universe. It combines variety of systems (video surveillance system, access monitoring and control system, telephony, etc.). All of them originate from a server room, a home for a system administrator.

SCS size might be impressive, especially for the system administrator. He is the one who makes sure everything in the server room is safe and sound. It’s his area of responsibility. Ours – to ease his hard work.

In a nutshell, we’ve created a template, which contains colored marking areas for all NIKOMAX unshielded patch panels. It will help to organize a subsystem or a separate connection in a single color, making system monitoring a favorite thing to do. The color range includes red, blue, green, and yellow colors (and white color for a change).

Patch Panels of the Essential lineup

  • NMC-RP24UE2-ES-1U-BK
  • NMC-RP24UD2-ES-1U-BK

Standard Patch Panels (1U/2U)

  • NMC-RP24UA2-1U-BK
  • NMC-RP24UE2-1U-BK
  • NMC-RP48UE2-2U-BK
  • NMC-RP24UD2-1U-BK
  • NMC-RP48UD2-2U-BK

High density Patch Panels

  • NMC-RP48UE2-1U-BK
  • NMC-RP48UD2-1U-BK

Find a required patch panel in the list above, choose a color, enter some data you need, and print the document.

P.S. You will need a printer and scissors.

From NIKOMAX with care of your system administrator.