Let’s talk about fiber optic components! Besides, we have a great occasion, because NIKOMAX product portfolio has got a new solution.

Meet the optical organizer of a closed type. It’s a helpful thing for stacking the stocks of optical cables or patch cords.

The new optical organizer represents a metal body resembling fiber distribution units of the NIKOMAX Premium lineup. The solution is made of 1.2 mm steel and implemented into two designs: NMC-OKFP-SL-1U-BK (1U height) and NMC-OKFP-SL-2U-BK (2U height).

Optical organizers have got everything for comfortable work:

  • The construction provides cable entries with protective rubber spacers, so the cable and patch cords are well-protected from mechanical damage.
  • The sliding chute allows access inside the organizer, and plastic clips securely fix the organizer in a closed position.
  • There are two stacks of semi-rings (guides) made of ABS plastic. The shape of the rings is designed taking into account the permissible bending radius of an optical fiber, allowing the cable to coil safely.
  • Additional removable rings help to organize and secure components inside the organizer.

The new solution will complement the standard cable organizers of the NIKOMAX lineup so there will be no more disordered patch cords:

  • everything is placed in order, including the excess cable and patch cords length;
  • the components are additionally protected from mechanical damage;
  • as a result, a cabinet or rack is given a nice finished look.

Optical organizers come pre-assembled and are already available for sale.