The network infrastructure of a building is based on the interconnection of passive and active elements. A standardized network interface was designed for this purpose. It’s called 8P8C or RJ45.

All connections are achieved due to the patch cords – Ethernet cable terminated with RJ45 plugs on both sides. NIKOMAX recommends choosing factory-made ones, because of their test-confirmed quality. But sometimes there are situations when the cable is required to be terminated on a site. For example:

  • When you need to connect a camera or other equipment directly with a solid cable
  • When you need to lay cable through hermetic entries, which are too narrow for the patch cords
  • When building temporary lines
  • When you need to make a patch cord by yourself

Needless to say that in those cases on-site termination has to be performed perfectly because the reliable connection is at stake. Therefore, there are some nuances to consider: straightening conductors, their right order, precise termination, etc.

Usually, it’s hard to crimp a standard plug on the first try. When all things are happening inside of a plastic plug body, it’s quite a challenge to see if the conductor’s length and order are right or not. But with pass-through plugs, this process will be much easier.

We’re happy to announce that NIKOMAX’s product range now includes brand new pass-through RJ45 plugs.

What’s the main advantage of this product, you might ask?

It’s plug’s special design. The absence of an inside separator allows conductors to pass through a plug, thus making the whole process faster and more convenient.

For termination, you will require a special tool – crimper NMC-5684PT. Together these guys will do everything in the best way possible!

Termination steps

  • Strip off carefully 2-3 centimeters of the cable jacket
  • Untwist the conductors, straighten and arrange them according to T568A or T568B standards
  • Put on NIKOMAX RJ45 pass-through plug (make sure the conductors are still in the right order) and push the cable jacket as far as possible into the plug to fix it tightly
  • Use NMC-5684PT for final steps - crimping and cutting the excesses


NIKOMAX’s pass-through plugs are presented in two types – shielded and unshielded, and also in two categories, namely 5e and 6. And of course – our new products are suitable for stranded cables, as well as for solid ones. The contacts are additionally covered with 50 micro-inches of gold, thus allowing to increase the maximum number of reconnections and their overall service life. Also, the gold coating protects contacts from oxidation.

NIKOMAX’s pass-through plugs are delivered in a plastic bag of 100 pcs.

Now available!