We're glad to present to you new models in NIKOMAX cable management panels, namely NMC-OV600-BK, NMC-OV800BK, and NMC-OK800-HU-BK-2.

The cable ring for vertical routing

The modernized NMC-OV600-BK (60 mm) and NMC-OV800-BK (80 mm) joined NIKOMAX product range to take place of NMC-OV500-2 (50 mm) and NMC-OV900-2 (90 mm).

At first sight, it may seem their useful depth has become smaller. But first appearances can be deceiving. A thoroughly thoughtful design makes this difference hardly tangible and provides a more convenient installation of cable bundles.

The rings are applied to organize cables on vertical rails of telecommunication cabinets and racks. Moreover, they will be a reliable partner to NIKOMAX angled patch panels.

The new models are delivered individually in a plastic bag.

The 0.5U panel for horizontal routing

The key feature of the brand-new NMC-OK800-HU-BK-2 is its 0.5U height, which is common for high-density solutions. Together with NIKOMAX high-density patch panels, this model will be a perfect choice when practical use of space in cabinets is desired.

Both body and rings are made of high-quality steel. One SKU comprises two pieces.