10/03/2017- "IT Pro" is an essential resource for all IT coverage in the UK. Having reviewed Thecus’ 4-bay NAS, the W4810 last month, this time they looked at what Thecus had for the enterprise market, deciding on the 12-bay N12910SAS.

"Thecus has a fine reputation for delivering low-cost NAS solutions and it does so again with the N12910SAS. This 2U rack appliance delivers a powerful package which includes a 3.5GHz E3 v5 Xeon, DDR4 memory and support for high-performance SAS3 storage."

New Firmware

Thecus' enterprise products now have access to the new ThecusOS 7 firmware. “The revitalized web interface is much easier to use than its predecessor. You have quick access icons in a customisable desktop space plus a top menu strip, while the new App Center provides faster access to an improved range of utilities.”

Under the Hood

Thecus steamed through their 10GbE real world tests with 25GB file copies recording average read and write speeds of 6.8Gbits/sec and 4.5Gbits/sec. Our backup test was despatched just as efficiently with a 22.4GB folder and 10,500 small files copied down at 2.3Gbits/sec.

It's a winner for I/O throughput, with 4KB Iometer block sizes delivering sequential read and write rates of 165,000 IOPS and 112,000 IOPS. Random operations saw good results of 164,000 IOPS and 81,000 IOPS -- substantially faster than SATA-based appliances.

The Final Say

The overall assessment of the NAS was positive, with price and performance being the main attractions for the N12910SAS. “…the new OS7 firmware is a big step forward. Its best fit is with businesses that want uncomplicated NAS and IP SAN services teamed up with fast SAS3 performance at an affordable price."


  • Fast throughput and performance
  • Slick web interface

We would to thank Dave Mitchell and the whole team at ITPro for the review.

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