12/21/2017 – "Chip" is one of the leading computer magazines in Europe and known for its short and concise judgments. Most recently, the critical testers have scrutinized Thecus' most affordable NAS released this year, the N2350 for two hard drives.

The Thecus N2350 is based on a dual-core processor and comes with 1 GB of DDR4 memory and the current ThecusOS 7.0 operating system which offers the opportunity through the integrated App Center to extend the functionality of this NAS with additional features such as cloud backups. And these cloud backups are one of the advantages of the N2350 emphasized by Chip – in addition to the good performance and low power consumption. Overall the N2350 is lauded for its very good price-performance ratio.

""A good result: The NAS Thecus N2350 is overall convincing in our laboratory testing. Regarding performance and power consumption, our results from the test lab show the outstanding strengths of the device. During testing, the device reveals no serious weaknesses and therefore doesn't stand out negatively in any area. At the time of testing, the price-performance rating of the Thecus N2350 is top notch.""


  • Cloud backup
  • Good performance

Thanks to the whole team at Chip this review.

The verdict of the N2350 by Chip can be found here:
chip.de/test/Thecus-N2350_126953585.html .

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