09/11/2018Thecus is thrilled to announce that the just released Seagate IronWolf and IronWolf Pro hard drives with 14 Terabyte capacities can be used in every current Thecus NAS model. These new HDDs raise the bar once more and are enabling even more network storage – almost 20 % more than the 12TB models introduced last year.

The new 14TB Seagate IronWolf and IronWolf Pro are based on the same proven and reliable technology used in former models. The HDDs are using Helium in sealed casing to achieve those high capacities and improve their power efficiency which is especially important when used in NAS with a high number of bays like the Thecus rackmount models. The IronWolf drives as usual support “Seagate AgileArray” NAS optimization to enhance concurrent access, “IronWolf Health Management” (IHM) to safeguard your data and improve reliability plus rotational vibration sensors to maintain performance especially in multi-bay NAS. The IronWolf Pro series additionally includes a longer warranty time, higher guaranteed workloads and Seagate's own rescue service to get your data back even if the drive should fail (optionally available for standard IronWolf HDDs).

After extensive compatibility testing with many different models, the Seagate Ironwolf and IronWolf Pro with 14 TByte are drop-in ready for every current Thecus NAS (and even many older models) to expand capacity and satisfy any storage-needy application or environment.

Source: www.thecus.com

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