16/04/2018 – "Zit Seng's Blog" is a popular technology and lifestyle blog by a professional IT Architect in Singapore who takes a unique look at a wide variety of hardware and its features. Among the recently reviewed products was the Thecus W2810PRO and Zit Seng took an extensive look at this 2-Bay NAS.

"Instead of being wholly a dedicated NAS, you can use the W2810PRO for many other applications. In fact, if you needed a Windows Server in your environment, the W2810PRO can be it. This makes it a very useful multipurpose appliance."

Conclusion: "The Thecus W2810PRO Windows-based NAS is an excellent entry-level storage solution for small businesses that work around a Windows infrastructure. It's great for a Windows work environment, can run any Windows applications and shows great performance."

Thanks to Zit Seng's Blog for this comprehensive review.

The whole review of the W2810PRO by Zit Seng can be found here: https://zitseng.com/archives/15671.

For more information about the W2810PRO, go to: http://www.netdcint.com/catalog/product/W2810PRO/.

Check this website on where to buy Thecus NAS: http://www.netdcint.com/contactus/.